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Where a healthy environment contributes
to healthier people

In 2019, land was purchased in the municipality of Driebergen and placed at the disposal of the ForestPeace Foundation. The total area of Natuurplaats Binnenbos is 8o hectares, of which a third is cultivated land and the other two thirds are wild. Most of the land located between Langbroekerwetering, Broekweg and Zuwe – was part of the Sterkenburg estate.

Our goal and vision

Along with the associated ecological values and characteristic cultural and landscape elements, ForestPeace Foundation intends to develop Natuurplaats Binnenbos as naturally as possible.

At Natuurplaats Binnenbos we are giving nature room to breathe. We want to help restore and develop the ecosystem as naturally as possible, with nature at the helm. We are giving the area the chance to restore and to develop with more biodiversity, as well as new types of crops, plants, trees and animals. We want to make people more aware and involved, by showing them that there are other ways to grow crops profitably and develop our natural world. In so doing, we are stimulating the harmony between people and our environment.

Here, every individual, every plant, every tree and every animal is seen as equally important and deserving of a healthy life. It’s why we work the land without the use of pesticides and why we respect all wildlife. And in the forest, nature, like every plant and tree, is allowed to go her own way. This makes Natuurplaats Binnenbos a place where you can enjoy breath-taking forests, rich grasslands, clean air, clear water, pure food and a wealth of beautiful trees, plants, animals and insects.

Every person, every plant, every tree and every animal is equally important here and deserves a healthy life

Projects for society

Natuurplaats Binnenbos is open to projects aimed at ‘vulnerable’ people in society who could use extra support. Together with selected partners and our most important partner, nature, we welcome people who work on the land and enjoy nature.

Natuurplaats Binnenbos is open to people from society who could use extra support.

ForestPeace Foundation

The ForestPeace Foundation was founded by Fred Matser. Fred has established several foundations that help boost the dynamic harmony between people themselves and between people and the environment. These include, for example, Stichting Het Bewaarde Land (Land Preservation Foundation) and Stichting Milieubewustzijn (Environmental Awareness Foundation).

ForestPeace was created to increase the harmony between people and the environment. For more information about the ForestPeace organisation and its policy, please go to: www.forestpeace.org

Our organisation

Our team

Fred Matser

Chairman and initiator ForestPeace Foundation

The instigation of the ForestPeace Foundation in July 2019 was immensely satisfying for Fred. As was the Foundation’s almost-immediate acquisition of such a beautiful area in which nature could be left as much as possible to her own devices. “May the Natuurplaats Binnenbos now stimulate the re-awakening of our inner selves by giving nature free rein in all her loving and dynamic manifestations.”

Jasper Folmer

General contact person and project manager

Jasper feels blessed to have grown up at the heart of the Twente countryside and he’s convinced that it’s what started and fuelled his love for nature. Since the establishment of Natuurplaats Binnenbos, Jasper has been bringing to life the vision that it represents, as well as coordinating the associated programmes with partners. “Providing, we leave her alone, I am a firm believer in the unprecedented resilience of nature.”

Aartjan Bontje

ForestPeace Foundation

Aartjan lives in Hilversum and never a day goes by without him enjoying his hometown’s gorgeous natural surroundings. For Aartjan, nature is a source of peace, inspiration and a way to recharge his batteries. As director of the Fred Foundation and ForestPeace, he is involved in the development of Natuurplaats Binnenbos and the next steps to be taken by the ForestPeace Foundation.