Our story

Where we are stimulating the harmony between people and the environment

We are all looking for peace and freedom. In ourselves – and around ourselves. But in a world that’s chock-a-block with incentives, busy diaries, action lists, opinions, traffic tailbacks, shopping lists, emails and open-plan offices, that’s a lot easier said than done. Not to mention being bombarded by countless messages in more and more WhatsApp groups.

We are all looking for connection. With one another, with nature – and even with ourselves. But in a world that’s driven by technology, finding that connection is becoming increasingly challenging. Nowadays, we speak to one another digitally more often than we do in person. Everything has to be pre-planned, and we just don’t seem to be able to make time for a nice chat, to read a good book or just go for a relaxing walk.

We are all looking for a place that is healthy and perfectly balanced. Where everything is exactly as it should be. Where you can revel in the silence and unwind. Where beauty takes on endless forms and all your senses are stimulated. Where everything is given enough space, so you to see things in their proper perspective. A place in which you can truly appreciate that crops growing in fertile soil give us more biodiversity, as well as delicious food.

There is such a place. At Natuurplaats Binnenbos you are equally as important as any tree, plant and animal. It’s where everything and everyone can be themselves, and develop in complete freedom. The healthier our planet is, the more everything feeds off everything else. And the closer it takes you to your inner nature too. So come and learn, unwind, heal. Come inside. Discover how taking good care of our planet helps us take better care of ourselves.