WelCome to Natuurplaats Binnenbos

Where the great outdoors
comes inside

Where the great outdoors comes inside

At Natuurplaats Binnenbos (Binnenbos Nature Reserve) Mother Nature is given all the space she needs to flourish and develop to her full potential. On 80 hectares of land between the Kromme Rijn and the Utrechtse Heuvelrug brand, you can see, smell, taste and feel the earth at its purest. The landscape there hasn’t been shaped by humans, but by nature herself. It makes Natuurplaats Binnenbos a place that cares, about everything that lives.

At Natuurplaats Binnenbos, the landscape is not shaped by humans, but by nature itself.

Projects for society

Natuurplaats Binnenbos is open to projects aimed at people in challenging circumstances who could use extra support. Together with selected partners (Leger des Heils and Naburen) and our most important partner, nature, we invite people who work on the land and enjoy nature. 

Get yourself acquainted

On this map we’ve indicated a few places that we intend to further develop in the not-too-distant future.

Food forest

Silent forest

Natural grazing

Kitchen garden

Natuurplaats Binnenbos stimulates the harmony between people and the environment.

Let us know.

Stimulate your senses by coming here and taking a walk. Let yourself be inspired by nature. Open your mind to the great outdoors!